The 2020 U.S. Elections are in the books... well sort of! In this episode I continue the conversation over the election and election security. Even though voting day is done the aftermath of the election and results are far from over. Now according to Election officials all went well,  there is/was no fraud, and the entire election was secure. However, we cannot forget the conversation over the last four years about how Russia interfered with the 2016 election. These officials want us to trust their word for it. If they really want us to trust the results and that things were secure, we need them to be 100% transparent. Now was there wide spread fraud, maybe/maybe not. To completely dismiss this as a crazy idea and dismiss those who are calling foul, is not going to build trust. Either side needs to present the evidence and fact in their case.

The other conversation I bring up is the rumor control efforts by U.S DHS and the Federal government. As I was preparing for this episode I came across a web page on U.S DHS CISA site on their campaign for rumor control. This campaign is part of their fight against dis-information. Looking into it, my initial reaction was not good. Is it the government's job to fight rumors even if it is part of fighting disinformation from a foreign government. This is a slippery slope issue. This effort is even happening with the Indiana state government, Governor Holcomb, and Indiana Department of Homeland Security.




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