If you have not heard, 2020 is a major election year. With it brings many races at the Federal and State levels. The first round of contests will be decided in the primary elections, which in Indiana is in May. From there we move on to the general elections. Here in Indiana, besides having the presidential and US House candidates on the ballot, the offices of the Indiana Governor, Lt. Governor, IGA (House and Senate), and the Indiana Attorney General (AG) are up for grabs.

I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down with Adam Krupp who is seeking the Indiana GOP nomination for the office of Indiana Attorney General. Adam is a Hoosier native, who has served the past three Indiana Governors and spent the last three years leading the Indiana Department of Revenue. Seeing an opportunity to make more of a difference here in this great state, he left his post at IDOR to run for Indiana AG.

Over the course of an hour, Adam and I sat down at the Monon Coffee Company in Broad Ripple to discuss why he decided to run for this office, the duties & responsibilities of the Indiana AG, and we even talk a bit about how cybersecurity fits into his agenda. We also addressed the comments from friend of the show Rob Kendall from WIBC's State House Happening's show about Governor Holcomb's support (direct or indirect) for Adam running for AG.

I want to thank Adam again for taking time out of the campaign trail to talk. I do wish him the best of luck. I will hold him to his promise and get him back on the show if he wins the nomination at the Indiana Republican Convention in June.






Adam's Social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Krupp4AG/

Twitter: @RealAdamKrupp


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