This morning I was going through my pre-podcast routine looking for some articles to discuss and I come across this article from Looking at the title alone I was intrigued enough to click on the link. The other thing I noticed is that the article had a “Sponsored Content” tag. The title is “Why Backdoors are Distracting us from Real Cybersecurity Issues." I was expecting some insights that maybe I have not thought about on this particular subject. After reading through the article I found myself scratching my head and thinking okay the content did not have a lick to do with the title. This episode is all about me destroying the article and using it as an example of why you need to fact check, verify content, and don't take things at face value. The last subject I dug into was the arrest of two red teamers who where conducting a pentest on the behalf of the State of Iowa. This story should serve as a a warning to you red teamers, make sure you have your stuff in order.



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