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The last couple of weeks have been really busy. The week of Oct 13 my family and I went to Florida for fall break and since coming back my work schedule has been super busy. I have hosted and/or presented three different presentations in the last two weeks. I want to the folks at the University of Southern Indiana HITs, the Indiana and Kentucky Chapters of HIMSS for having present on Cyber Risk Management on Oct 23. I also want to thank Jessica Jagger, Jennifer Trusler, and Ivy Tech Community College for having in this past week to speak on taking advantage of your introversionextraversion. I also hosted a cyber sharing webinar that was very well attended.

A little public service announcement. For those listeners in the Indianapolis area, on November 14 at the Marriott North, the National Cybersecurity Alliance is hosting two cybersecurity workshops. The first workshop is titled CyberSecure My Family & Home. Yours truly along with Daniel Elliot with the National Cybersecurity Alliance and Todd Kossow with the Federal Trade Commission will be on this panel. If you want to learn how not to let cybercriminals into your home, this is the workshop for you. This first one will begin at 9am. I am looking forward to this workshop.

Additionally, at 1pm the second workshop titled Cybersecure my business will discuss why small and mid-sized businesses are targeted by cyber criminals. As well this workshop will help you

    Identify which business assets others want

    Protect those assets

    Detect when something has gone wrong

    Respond quickly and appropriately with an action plan

    Recover after a breach

A link to both workshops will be included in the show notes.

Getting into some news.

From “Congress Still Doesn't Have an Answer for Ransomware.” My simple response is because this is a problem that cannot be legislated away, isn’t a problem congress is equipped to answer, are smart enough to answer, nor are they the right group to address this problem. The article reads…..


This is why I don’t trust the federal government when it comes to cybersecurity. There is no sane or logical reason to make Rudy Giuliani the cybersecurity advisor. He is not qualified to really speak on cybersecurity issues. This is one example of why. This video is courtesy  of  NBC News [Play video]

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