In the final episode of the year I had the pleasure and honor to chat with an old friend, colleague, and former boss, Dewand Neely of the Eleven Fifty Academy. Dewand is the former CIO for the State of Indiana. I have known him for well over a decade. I first worked with Dewand when he was a manager at IOT and I was a newly appointed Sergeant with the Indiana State Police. Over the years I was extremely fortunate to work with and for him. At Eleven Fifty he is the Chief Operations Officer where he has been working hard to expand not only the coding academy but the cybersecurity academy. During our conversation we were able to catch up a bit, talk about the cybersecurity academy/range, and reminisce about the trade delegation to Israel in 2016. 

If you are interested in learning more about Eleven Fifty or would like to learn some new skills, go check them out!


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